Feb 252013
Updated: February 28, 2013

Cape Ann Fresh Catch writes, an email updating it's process in adding Groton as a delivery point: "The Nashoba Board of Health and CAFC have been in contact. The two speed-bumps to cross are completing the necessary paperwork along with our delivery truck's inspection by them. Once those two actions are completed, Groton will be a go! We'd like to thank you all for getting the word spread about a CAFC delivery in Groton. Since the last update, the number of folks who've written their interest has doubled. This means we'll be able to have weekly deliveries there in Groton. With the time constraints at hand though, our first delivery is tentatively scheduled for Friday March 8th. When the paperwork and truck inspection are resolved, we'll then add Groton to our Shopping Cart. We hope this will happen by the weekend or the first of next week. When the shopping cart and contract are loaded up with Groton's new site, we'll be certain to let you all know."

Cape Ann Fresh CatchThe North Atlantic is poised to get a little closer to Groton this spring, and it isn’t because of global warming. Cape Ann Fresh Catch (CAFC), a Gloucester-based community supported fishery (CSF), is collecting names of Groton residents who are interested in getting fresh-from-the boat fish each week or every other week. If enough people express an interest in the sustainable fishing organization, shares of “wicked fresh” seafood will be dropped off in Groton each Friday for pickup.

Cape Ann Fresh Catch is already delivering to Chelmsford and 17 other locations in Massachusetts. Started by the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wifes Association in 2009, CAFC buys seafood from Gloucester area fishermen and seafood companies. Members pay $22-26 per week for two to four pounds of whole fish or fillets, or alternating deliveries of the two types.

“We don’t know what the species will be on any given day,” Steve Tousignant, Operations Manager, said “That’s up to the Gulf of Maine.”

Which means that what subscribers to the service receive varies with what the boats bring in. Besides the whole fish or fillets options, a “Neptune’s Choice,” is even more of a wild card, because it includes seafood other than fish. Recently, that extra cost option has included crabmeat, lobster, scallops, and northern shrimp, he said.

According to the CAFCweb site:

Members join the program by purchasing a share for a season. Each week during a season, at a designated delivery site, CAFC members pick up their shares of fresh seafood. We”re just like a CSA but with seafood—a CSF.

This arrangement benefits local fishermen, the environment, our local economy, and you—CAFC members. Local fishermen are helped by having new, more sustainable, markets for their product. Because the distance travelled and its carbon footprint of putting dinner on your plate is greatly reduced, the environment benefits. By keeping all costs community-based, our local economy prospers. And you — the CAFC member — get the freshest and highest quality seafood available.

It’s a win-win-win-win for our local fishermen, our environment, our local economy, and you!

The delivery location would probably be Groton Wellness in the Mill Run shopping area, on Fridays from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Tousignant said that about half the required number of subscribers were already on board. He added that the Nashoba Board of Health would complete a truck inspection before Groton becomes a delivery point.

Tousignant said that people interested in signing up for a share should email groton@capeannfreshcatch.org. The Chelmsford delivery arrives at Jone’s Farm on Acton Road (SR 27) each Thursday 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.