Jan 262013
Updated: January 27, 2013

Updated post-meeting with results.

Groton voters approved three funding questions at Special Town Meeting January 26 that will allow construction of the town’s central fire station replacement to proceed on schedule; fund spring herbicide treatment in Lost Lake and Knopp’s Pong, the town’s largest pond; and replace the “attractive nuisance” of Fitch’s Bridge with a new pedestrian/equestrian/cycle bridge over the Nashua River.

The Saturday morning meeting attracted more than 300 voters at its peak before receding to a low of 285 voters, the number who voted on Article 3, the fire station funding.

Page through the live coverage replay to see how the meeting unfolded.

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Articles under consideration include:

  • Herbicide Funding For Lost Lake and Knopp’s Pond — Passed on a voice vote
  • Funding For Demolition and/or Replacement of Fitch’s Bridge — Passed on a voice vote
  • Construction Funding For A Central Fire Station — Passed 227-58
  • Creation of the Lost Lake Sewer District
  • — Indefinitely Postponed

The meeting begins at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday January 26.
(In the real time live coverage, Rule Loving, who proposed a significant amendment to the Central Fire Station funding article is not accurately identified as the author of the amendment. Our apologies for not hearing his name correctly during the meeting. — Ed.)