Jan 262013

Groton’s Teenage Anxiety and Depression Solutions (TADS) organization will receive a $2200 donation from Westford”s Get In Shape For Women studio today, the result of a six-month long community outreach program.

Get In Shape, at 142 Littleton Road, pledged to donate $100 for every new client referred by a current client. Neil Pendleton, the manager of Westford”s Get In Shape For Women, and Deb Boczenowski, a current member of GISFW and founder of TADS put the project together.

“I was thrilled when Neil told me about this membership drive because it combines two of my passions; staying in shape and helping young people in need of mental health services. Studies have shown that exercise can help to reduce ailments such as anxiety, depression, and ADD,” Boczenowski said. Exercising has been proven to release “feel good” brain chemicals, reduce immune system chemicals, and increase body temperature which can create a calming effect (Mayo Clinic), she said.

“We teamed up with TADS because we want support our clients both in and outside of our studio,” Pendleton said. “TADS was started by a client of ours whose son tragically passed too soon in life after having battled with anxiety and depression. We wanted to support her and other clients who live in the local communities TADS provides services in. Additionally, many of our clients are mothers of teenagers who may need help and benefit whether it be directly or indirectly from the mental health prevention and awareness services that organizations like TADS provide. I”m so glad we are able to support TADS, the Boczenowskis, and twenty-two new clients, who took their first steps towards improving their health and wellness. Our studio is a very special community of women all working toward reaching health and fitness goals.”

Teenage Anxiety and Depression Solutions (TADS) was founded in 2011 by a group of concerned citizens bound by the shared tragedy of a loved one lost to suicide. Based in Groton, their mission is to address issues of mental health issues by raising awareness, providing education, and enabling access to care. Some of TADS accomplishments have been annual training in suicide prevention curriculum for educators from across the state and providing a mental health referral service for local communities Groton, Dunstable, Ayer, and Shirley.