Nov 152012

Friday and Saturday will truly be “A Night of Greeks” on stage this week — the Groton-Dunstable Drama Guild proudly presents both Euripides” Medea and Sophocles” Antigone. The two plays, both written during the classical period, were each shortened to one act so they both fit into a two hour period. For the audience, this has the added benefit of being able to watch two Greek dramas for the price of one; more Greek for your buck.

In a new take on these old works, several elements of the production were updated to be more current than Greece in 430 BC — expect some changes in dialogue, music, and costuming. “It”s a bit more modern,” said Rachel Olson, the actor playing Antigone in the Greek tragedy. “It”s not entirely Greek.” These adaptations are more than their ancient Greek roots—as they are more modern, they are not exactly catered toward Mediterranean philosophers wearing billowing togas while seated in a stone amphitheater.

Both plays are directed by Allison Martell, the Theatre Arts teacher at the high school. She previously directed the GD Players in A Midsummer”s Night”s Dream, Godspell, and Amorous Quarrel. Several of the actors who performed in those plays are returning for “A Night of Greeks.”

The GD Players has not performed many classical dramas. When asked why they chose to put on such a unfamiliar type of play this year, Shannon Doherty-Keelan, the actor playing the character of Medea in Euripides” Medea, said, “There”s only so many Shakespeare plays we can do.” Branching out and exploring other types of drama, in addition to being quite the learning experience for actor and audience member alike, will broaden horizons all around.

This event will take place in the G-DRHS Black Box Theatre at 703 Chicopee Row. The curtain goes up at 7:00 p.m. on Friday at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Saturday. Tickets are $12.00 for general admission; $10.00 for students and seniors; and $10.00 for the matinee.

The cast and crew have been diligently practicing these plays for weeks, and their hard work is sure to pay off in “A Night of Greeks.” For more information about the Drama Guild, GD Players productions, and other topics, visit