Nov 052012

Groton nature photographer Carole Bouchard is opening a collection of her work, “Water Abstracts and Reflections,” in the Chelmsford Public Library that will hang through November at the library, 25 Boston Road, in Chelmsford.

In an email announcing the show, she wrote:

“Bouchard is a native of New Jersey who relocated to Massachusetts in 1974. She is a self-taught photographer with a deep passion for this art form. She has been interested in photography since the 1970s and began capturing images in earnest in the 1990s. Three years ago, she acquired her first interchangeable lens digital camera and a whole new world of photography opened for her. Fortuitous meetings with on-line friends and mentors pointed the way to more creative experiments, the results of which are in this collection.”

“The Water Abstracts and Reflections Collection represents a sampling of the images I have captured at local Massachusetts ponds, rivers and streams. Light, wind, and water movement create endless photographic opportunities, some of which have emerged as these displayed images. I particularly enjoy creating photographs that look like “paintings”. I only use basic iPhoto editing software. I do not use Photoshop”s utilities to create these painted looks. I love painting as well, so this is the best of both worlds for me.

Most of the images are complete water reflections, and some include parts of foliage, plants and trees. Some of the images are what I call “abstract”, and look nothing like the original photo I began with. These images, in general, are deeply cropped to highlight interesting details, and the colors are enhanced. Every image is unique and I think, interesting! Each season brings a new look, and everyday is an adventure to see what the water holds.

All of these and many other images can be seen on my website,

If you are interested in a purchase, please contact me at or 978-302-2217.

Carole lives in Groton, MA with her husband Michael, their dog Bodie and four cats, Chloe, Misty, Rosie, and Willie. She is looking forward to many new adventures in creative photography.”

The library is open Monday – Thursday 9:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m.; Friday & Saturday 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; and Sunday from 1:00-5:00 p.m. Some photographs are in rooms that are occasionally closed to the public for meetings. For more information, contact the library at (978) 256-5521 or