Oct 132012

Carol Quinn, Chairperson of the Board of Selectmen’s Lost Lake Sewer Advisory Committee, has confirmed that “The Massachusetts Water Resource Commission voted unanimously to grant Groton the Interbasin Transfer.” The state approval is a required component underlying pending Fall Town Meeting articles that would move the town forward on a decade-long proposal to provide town sewer service to the Four Corners and Lost Lake areas of Groton. The approval allows Groton to move water and waste into a different watershed, Ayer’s, for treatment and disposal, should the sewer system be approved and constructed. Without the state approval, the proposed project would not be possible.

Three Articles to be discussed and voted on October 15 would create a Lost Lake Sewer District, allow the town to negotiate with Ayer to tie into that town’s sewer system and to process sewage from Groton, and fund creation of a sewer system to the two town neighborhoods at an estimated cost of $13 million.

Proponents say the sewer should be installed for public health and environmental reasons, and to stimulate commercial and business development at Four Corners. Detractors say the system may not be needed, that it is too expensive, and that too large a percentage of the cost is being born by landowners and too small a percentage by the town.