Jul 292012

Keep the dogs in the car on summer rides

Keep the dogs in the car on summer rides. Heads in the breeze can be dangerous. Photo: petswelcome.com

Summer can be a dangerous season for your pets, so be sure to remember these tips when you and your pets are having fun — or trying to recover — from fun in the sun and warm temperatures.

Never leave a pet in a car unattended, even if it is only in the 70s. A car can quickly become 20–30 degrees hotter than outside temps. Also make sure your pets have shade and fresh water at all times. If you feel it is too hot for you to take a walk, it is too hot for your pet as well. Heat stroke happens very quickly. It”s not a good idea to drive with the windows down and pets heads hanging out the windows. Even though it seems like fun for the dog, it is a good way to get eye damage and ear infections from flying debris.