Jul 172012

Oscar, a 1-year-old Savannah Cat, is missing.

Oscar is tan with stripes made up of dark brown spots, with a slight orange cast to parts of the tan background. Tall, long-legged cat with very short, extremely soft fur. Very friendly & affectionate. Had a flea collar & a training coller, both with labels with his name and my phone number, but he has been known to get the collars off. Oscar is “chipped;” his number is 4C16282B7E.

Went outside about 2:00 p.m. Sunday, July 1 and hasn’t been seen since.

Oscar was last seen on 07/01/2012 near 523 Longley Road in Groton.

If you have any information about Oscar, please contact Verell Boaen at (978) 448-2110 or verell@boaen.org.