Apr 272012

The next gathering of GOLD –- Groton”s Ongoing Legacy Dialogue – will be held Saturday, April 28, from 10 a.m. -– noon in Legion Hall, 75 Hollis Street.

The continuing discussion focuses on “Our Quality of Life in Groton” and this week likely topics may be Spring Town Meeting and the pending Master Plan.

The purpose of GOLD is to promote civil civic dialogue around topics that affect our lives in Groton. GOLD has no agenda and no expectation of decision making. It is a place for Groton citizens to come together and unpack our thinking in front of each other without trying to convince, and to listen with a desire to understand each other”s points of view. It is a place to learn so that when we go back to our normal roles as voters, influencers and decision makers, we can do so with greater understanding. All are welcome and encouraged to join us in exploring this new way of communicating that is as old as sitting around a campfire. The only request is that you come with an open mind and willingness to explore the questions more than advocate your answers. Real innovative and insightful approaches often lie in the space between us. We will be meeting regularly in various locations around Groton in order to get to know our Town better, our neighbors better and to be as inclusive as possible in our explorations. Please consider joining us.****

For more information, feel free to contact Pat Parker-Roach at 978-448-9489 or Pat@Parker-Roach.com