Feb 142012

Project INTERFACE is a mental health referral service which makes the existing network of mental health providers much more accessible to people in need of such services. During regular business hours, Project INTERFACE staffs a HelpLine with licensed mental health providers and advanced level graduate students who are trained to collect all of the pertinent information from callers. Always within two weeks of the original call, but usually within a few days, Project INTERFACE provide one or two referrals with immediate availability, from their extensive database of mental health providers. These referrals will be matched according to the stated need, specialty, location, and insurance of the caller.

Beginning last month, Teenage Anxiety & Depression Solutions (TADS) contracted with Project INTERFACE to provide these services to Groton and Dunstable through the end of 2013. During the month of January, approximately ten calls were made from our community to Project INTERFACE. You can avail yourself of these services by calling 888-244-6843 x411.

If you value the work that TADS is doing, please attend our fundraiser, Brighter Days, on April 21 — details will be announced soon.

Steve Boczenowski
President, TADS