Jul 152011
Christopher MarshArt Campbell | The Groton Line

Christopher Marsh

Ever get lost on Groton’s network of trails? You probably need to get your car washed this Saturday — it’ll help. Groton Boy Scout Christopher Marsh will hold a fundraiser car wash on Saturday, July 16 at the Prescott School building (145 Main Street / Route 119) from 9 AM – 2 PM.

Proceeds will be used to help fund Marsh”s Eagle Scout project, which will include purchasing two special GPS units, which he will then use to walk and map out some of Groton”s many uncharted nature trails. He is a member of West Groton Troop 1.

The Marsh family moved here when young Chris was in second grade. His father, Dean, noticed all the trails in town that were not mapped. The family, active in the Cub Scouts and now Boy Scouts, have enjoyed Groton”s natural beauty, and wanted others to share in that pride and joy.

The civic-minded Marsh, 15, shared his idea at a Trails Committee meeting. He plans to walk the unmapped trails, and as he does, he will map them for the GIS Committee and town websites so that more people can enjoy the beauty of Groton firsthand.

The carwash will help make it all possible. Drivers are encouraged to bring their vehicles and make a donation. For more information, contact Chris Marsh at 978-448-3061.