Apr 202011

Going to a prom each spring can be so much fun that there’s no reason to stop just because you’re not in high school, says Kelsey McCormick, of Cherry Tree Lane, and that’s the idea behind the Mom Prom. McCormick and former Groton resident Margot Bouvier are helping organize the area’s first Mom Prom to benefit the Susan G. Koman for the Cure organization.

Forget the nervous guys in tuxedos, limos, and chaperones. This Mom Prom is a girls’ (only) night out, an opportunity to get together with girlfriends, eat some good food, dance all evening, and show off the tackiest dress you can find, McCormick explained. The Mom Prom will be held April 29 at the Nashua Radisson Castle Hotel.

Her own floor length gown came from an area consignment shop, she confided. Lead Nashua Mom Prom organizer Katie Long’s is from noted design boutique Chez eBay. Long, of Nashua, is helping spread her sister’s original idea in the Northeast.

Long’s sister Betsy “… was going to a party at a girlfriend’s house to watch the Oscars, the Academy Awards, and our mom had moved out of our childhood home and moved all her prom dresses up to her house. So she thought it would be funny to show up wearing a prom dress. The other girls thought it was hysterical and fun, so they all decided to go out to dinner and dancing wearing funny old prom dresses or bride’s maid dresses. And from there, it snowballed into them actually hosting an actual Mom Prom for charity.

The New York Times story on the across-the-country Mom Prom movement…

Including the Oscars, the first dinner and dancing evening, she’s had six Mom Proms. Her goal is to have it become a national event, so that one weekend a year, women all over the country host their own Mom Proms to raise money for a local charity,” Long said.

Long and McCormick went to high school together in Pittford, New York, and attended two proms there. Now in their 30s, they both happened to end up near Groton, so teaming up on the Mom Prom was a natural.

“We have four local Groton restaurants (Bistro at Groton Wellness, Blackbird Cafe, Filho’s, and Main Street Cafe) donating food,” McCormick said. “And there’s a great silent auction. And a Grand Prize for the winner of the tackiest dress. We want this to be an evening that every woman can enjoy. And you don’t have to be a mom, you just need to know one.”

Tickets are $50 per person, and may be purchased at the group’s web site, http://www.mompromnashua.org/.